My work is to inspire people to get involved in the digital revolution, to digitize the world, and to enable inclusive and sustainable growth. I value the importance of storytelling and interactivity, and so those elements will play a role in any talk or workshop I give. 

I see the world through a fundamentally social lens, and so digital anthropology and sociology play a big role in how I approach my subject. Change doesn't happen without people, hence leadership is a crucial aspect of driving digital transformation. I'm fascinated by how people adopt new skills, how groups work together digitally, and how stories inspire action in the digital context.

Here are some examples of recently requested talk topics: 

  • Connect to Change (opportunity comes through people, how to connect to the people and companies that are changing the world with tech) 
  • Building Brand Trust (becoming authentic and integrated in a digitally fragmented context)
  • Digital Age Leadership Practice (lead change with digitally connected teams, decentralised intelligence, and rapid decision-making)
  • Running Digital Campaigns for Change (digital media and marketing for brand-building, lead-gen, sales, and transformative impact)
  • StoryMaking (involving people in telling your story, giving people a reason to spread your message) 
  • The African Digital Context (data and trends about digital use in various African regions or the continent as a whole)Recent Speaking Videos

In addition to talks, I regularly facilitate workshops and learning experiences. 


You were awesome – everyone was knocked out by your presentation Well done man – you ROCK! - Arthur Gillis | CEO Protea Hotels

Your presentation on our Business Leaders Series was widely regarded as one of the most relevant, informative and engaging presentations of the year. With the rapid changes that are happening in the digital and social networking space it was terrific to have someone so informed and expert in the field share with us such cutting edge knowledge of recent developments. Truly inspirational. - Professor Alison Preston, Director of Curtin Graduate School of Business Australia

Dave Duarte has added both energy and inspiration with his Tech Feature on the Lifestyle Show.  His warmth and humour have made engaging with the future seem so easy!  I would not hesitate to recommend Dave as an entertaining and stimulating speaker at diverse events .  - Michelle Constant | Host, SAFM Lifestyle Show | CEO, Business and Arts South Africa

"I can not thank you enough for this afternoon. You were awesome! Beyond insightful"  Lewis Pugh | UNEP Patron of the Oceans, endurance swimmer, and maritime lawyer. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Dave Duarte's digital media and marketing course. A small step to a giant leap forward. Mind blown wide open! - Cathy Lund | Editor, Cosmopolitan Magazine

Thank you so much for starting our Day of Inspiration on such a high note. Your content was so thought provoking, and I so enjoyed the audience participation. You created a safe and stimulating space for people to engage with each other and with the subject matter. - Cheryl Lazarus, Principal at Herzlia Schools

Dave, I found your presentation hugely enlightening and inspiring. - Daniel Guasco,  Groupon South Africa

I cannot say enough how much your willingness to share your perspective and expertise is the reason why the event as a whole worked. - Alexandra Chalat | Beyond Sport

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I could see the benefit of your talk on Monday almost immediately.  The report backs were glowing and so positive. The generous spirit in which your shared your knowledge has already had a positive impact on the people that attended.  And as a rising tide lifts all the boats up so will the knock on effect positively impact our region. - Mary Ashford | Chairperson, Cape West Coast Tourism

Congratulations.  You received an "Excellent" rating which is the highest score obtainable.Complimentary words used to describe you included "raised awareness of social media, empowered me to use this media in my business, fantastic, brilliant - very informative, excellent presentation, relevant and informative, very captivating, excellent to see this, inspired, lively and different, great, awesome". There was not a single negative word in sight. Thank you again for your passion and enthusiasm for your subject which helped make the Conference the success that it was.  APSO Western Cape appreciates everything you did to ensure a "magical" experience for our delegates.  Dave, you remain a shining star. - Sue Milne | Chairperson, APSO Western Cape

Dave is an expert in his field, yet he has the ability to impart highly complex information in an informative and engaging way. He conducted an Introduction to Social Media session for our Exco and managed to get everyone enthusiastic and excited about social media. Dave you are a consummate professional and excellent educator and I would highly recommend you - Tamsin van Rooyen | Head of Marketing at Sage

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More Testimonials

"DaveDuarte is my favourite digital media guru in SA. Highly recommend for anyone looking to understand online world" - Alan Knott-Craig

"Dave is a legend. He knows his stuff and is one of the great thinkers in the digital space. He is a sought-after speaker and educator. It’s rare that you get a consultant with an intellectual edge in the social media space – and this is what Dave brings. We are lucky to have him in this country" - Matthew Buckland | Memeburn, Creative Spark

"Dave is nothing less than an inspiration.  Combining deep knowledge with optimism, humility and a passionate commitment to results, Dave is a brilliant educator that makes an impact on the lives of the people and organisations he works with. He certainly made an enormous impact on Ogilvy Cape Town, from where, under Dave's Directorship we birthed the Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy. An idea that became a programme that turned into a business. A business that Dave leads. Dave teaches to learn; his thirst for knowledge and openness to feedback, means his ideas don't just manifest, but also get better over time. And these are just some of the reasons why you don't just recommend Dave, but rather shout from the rooftops about him" - Gavin Levinsohn, MD Ogilvy Cape Town

Theres a tangible "buzz" in the office after you’ve been here, people just LOVE your energy and vibe and the Directors are so impressed. - Michelle Barnard, Group Communications Manager, The Aleit Group

Thank you once again - we thoroughly enjoyed having you to speak at last weeks event! Your honest, insightful and entertaining style of presentation made for such a warm and inclusive environment and vibe - exactly what are aiming to create! - Gina Flash, Executive Director at Mensch

"Dave is the leading new media consultant in South Africa, he has pioneered educating students and top level executives on social media, mobile marketing and web concepts" -  Charl Norman | Serial Entrepreneur

"One of the most visionary and inspiring thinker/educators I have had the good fortune to collaborate with and hire" - Prof. Elaine Rumboll | business leader, poet and academic



"A man worth your time" - Trevor Ncube | Owner: Mail & Guardian